Tally Integrations


Celebrating 14 successful years with our 2500+ Tally customers in the UAE

TallyPrime has been designed to provide extensive integration capabilities that enable businesses to build cross-platform solutions without compromising data integrity and reliability. Thus, empowering business to seamlessly interact with multiple applications or software systems. Integration capabilities in Tally allow two-way data transfer, which means pulling data out from Tally database or pushing data to Tally is as easy as it could ever get. Tally allows integration between applications/databases in two modes

Benefits of Tally Prime Integration

  • By Reducing ‘Data Input Duplication’, you not only save costs in administration functions but also eliminate the possibility of human errors.
  • Real-time consolidation of data from various systems for centralized reporting.
  • Automation of business processes that previously depended on manual data transfers between systems.

Best Plan for Your Business

Online Mode

Tally to Tally
Tally to External Applications and Vice Versa
Tally to Web Services

Offline Mode

Export / Import multiple data formats.

Helpdesk Support
Over the period, our certified partners have built several integrations ranging from Device integration, Dealer Management systems, Data migration tools for various software systems and so on.

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